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Weight Loss Coffee Reviews – Before/After Photos From Customers

Please Note: We do NOT make any health claims. The below weight loss coffee reviews are stories of how the products helped each customer personally. Everyone is different and your own results may vary* This statement also applies to the before and after photos. All reviews/testimonials have been shared with permission from our Testimonial Group on Facebook.

weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos
We love our story and we love our Slim Roast! This magical brew has changed our lives. It’s not a diet it’s a life-style change made easy. I started this journey the last week of December 2018, down 108 lbs and feel like a new man. Thank you Slim Roast Optimum, the change has been good. – Donnie
weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos
Started Valentus products in January… 45 lbs gone!!! 170 lbs to 125 lbs!!! Slimroast Optimum, 24/7 carb burn and prevail max spray is my favorite combo!!! I also eat low carb and drink TONS of water!! – Sydney
diet drinks testominals

I am loving this coffee i am down more inches and i am having to get more new clothes… my posture is better too feels great… – Dodie

weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos

My personal results after 6 days using Europa Joe coffee! I didn’t exercise or change my eating habits, I lost 5lb on the scales and had amazing energy and focus! – Victoria

weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos

My first week on Europa Joe 3lbs down – Catherine 

diet drinks testominals
3 years ago this week, I started what I thought would be another weight loss gimmick. Boy was I ever wrong! 85+ lbs and many inches later. I am so much healthier and so is my family. If my story helps anyone please feel free to share. – Becky
weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos
We are our choices, I’ve never dieted just cut back & made better choices which has been easy, using the Optimum Coffee. Mostly using just 1 cup of Optimum coffee but I have had a second cup on the odd occasion. – Laura
weight loss drinks reviews before and after photos
By drinking one cup of Optimum coffee every morning!! There was a day that even the therapist gave up on me. One day at a time…one cup at a time! – David
diet drinks testominals
I’ve never imagined that let myself look like this before. I have never been soo much happy and confident with myself. I am happy to say that I’ve lost 40lbs. This coffee is really amazing! It changed my life not just physically, mentally and spiritual but also financially. I work full-time job but still, I give time to share the coffee I am drinking. I feel soo great! Just 1 cup a day. I feel more healthier. And I am soo happy that I am helping people. – Janice
natural weight loss products before and after photo testimonals
OMG! Do you see a difference? That’s me (in brown) this past Mother’s Day (May 2019) and me (in black) just a few days ago! For those of you who know, I have a thyroid issue and the meds I am on caused me to gain weight! I was also feeling tired all of the time and suffering from brain fog! Now, I have more energy and am thinking clearly. The weight loss was a bonus. I was a skeptic but now I know this stuff works! I still have a ways to go and I’m looking forward to getting back to my old self again! – Jessica
easy diet before and after photos

I started this coffee journey at the beginning of June. I was 190 lbs and miserable! How did I become 190 lbs?!? I would ask myself, where did the happy, outgoing, confident 5’8” girl I once was go? I was making life harder on everyone I loved because of my weight issue. Something had to change! Fast forward to today, and I have lost 19 pounds in a few short weeks and have never felt better in my life! I’m full of life again. I’m so happy I found this brand and even happier to be sharing it with the world! – Danielle

weight loss drinks before and after photos
My Valentus story. It was a month of May 2019. Thankful to my dear friend who introduced this healthy coffee. I tried almost everything, other brands of coffee, slimming tea and work-out, But nothing compares to this amazing transformation Valentus has to offer to me, 2 mos of drinking my healthy coffee daily. Amazing result isn’t it? To a healthier new YOU. Try Valentus coffee. – Cecille
valentus reviews

My husband has been struggling to lose weight because he has a rare condition called Fibromyscular Dysplasia,
please check out for more info. He had a major surgery in both his iliac arteries in 2013 and from then on he has been struggling to go for a long walk and can’t handle slopes and stairs making it impossible to exercise. He had been gaining weight non-stop! I was very skeptical about this coffee at first, I thought it was just another gimmicky product, but boy was I wrong! In his first week I noticed he has more energy and is eating less. He has lost 14 pounds total in his 5 weeks of drinking Slimroast. He also said he has been sleeping well at night, (he struggles with sleeping because of pain). This coffee has really helped him, I am just so thankful of this product!! – Faith on her husband. 

natural weight loss drinks reviews
“Y’all, I am so glad I took that chance! Almost 9 months later, I am still using this amazing system. I’ve slacked here and there, but incorporating these products into my daily life has helped me in so many ways. I have been able to maintain my 120+ lb weight loss, losing excess fat and gaining lean muscle mass. I’m currently buckled down on our summer shape up to release this last bit of excess weight to help me feel my best. Since starting this system I feel energized, focused, sleep better, and most importantly, I’m motivated to help others feel the same! Listen, there is NO magic pill out there…nothing is going to do the work for you – but if you’re ready make a change in your life and commit to something, let’s go!!”- Cherise
natural weight loss testimonials
Some people have a story to tell and as you can see mine was a big one. For health reason and just because i wanted to feel better, not ly around and have no energy I listen to my doctors and my college friend kent Lawrence and with his help starting me almost a year ago. This is the outcome now lots more energy, healthier besides what i let slip and i paid for it. Working out and playing sports my whole life I LET EVERYTHING GET IN MY WAY. HARD LESSON BUT NOW I FEEL GOOD AND AM READY TO FIGHT THIS KIDNEY SITUATION, ACTUALLY MY KIDNEY FUNCTION WENT BACK UP FROM 18 T0 24 WHICH IS GREAT. What I’m saying to you all its a choice and don’t wait till something tragic happens before you take control of your own life. You may not want to or believe in weight loss programs or products But These really do what they say. I’m living proof. – Del
valentus trim testimonial
A year ago I had to sit in the “modified” seat on rides at Disney/Universal. Meaning for a larger rider. Now I’m down between 35 and 40 lbs this year and am just starting the next phase to get stronger and lose even more. I couldn’t walk a flat parking lot without breathing hard, this week I’ve already swam 2 miles, and lifted on 3 days. I feel great and this coffee has helped me every step of the way! Not to mention a carb burner that helps tighten my skin! You gotta try this!!! – Jalon
I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of the SlimRoast Optimum Coffee. I am starting my summer vacation down 53 pounds. Thanks to my sister, Lisa Cook for introducing this awesome product. It truly was a game changer for me. – Linda
weight loss drinks reviews
So I started my coffee journey 2.5 months ago and added 24/7 two weeks ago. The products valentus has to offer is amazing. I lost 20lbs myself, but then plateaued. After starting I’m down 20 more lbs. I still have 20 more lbs to lose, but I know I’m headed in the right direction. Thank you valentus for bringing me back to my happy, healthy self! – Kaylin

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